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well heres the delima... only 4 people ented..which is kinda depressing.. but i mean im not very active as i wsih i was due to school and work... soo i can understand that.. so i gusse every one wins? i mean i dont wanna keep draging this contest on seeing as no one has taken intrested in but i also feel like thouse who did entre desver something for takeing the time outta there day to enter my contest.. idk maybe i should extent it to next year? jan 30? let me know what u think if i dont get any replies on this i will just end it and every one who did entrer will recive something. thaxz.. happi    

ALRIGHTY! HERE WE GO.. gezzes.. 

This shall be a designing contest!! 

so, i own quite a few BLEH ocs, that i created..when i was about 12? or 13 (a long time ago ok) 

IM 18 now!~ and i still cant come up with goodout fit idas! the best i have is a patato sack... so : D i am holding a contest!! for those of you with amazing designing ablitys, and would like to help me out!

( ALSO PLEASE PLEASE, share, or make a jornal entrey so we can get more ppl to enter, i truely need help that is why im makeing this)

befor i go into what chars you shall be looking at! lets talk about every ones FAV part! PRIZES!!

The FRIST 20 ppl who enter (no repated people) will recive, 10 points /o/ WHOOOOO 

(im broke dont hate)

1st place: WILL recive a 3 month core member ship OR 1200 pnts of your choice.

 Also a drawing from :iconsoft-nyeyinx: (TY SO MUCH DARLING )

2nd place: 1 month core member ship, or equal amout of points

3rd place U GET NOUTHING (jking)

3rd place will get ONE free Drawing from me, of there choice and 100pnts.

and yes we will have a 4th place.

4th and finle place: will be, a hug, u get a hug <3 and a drawing becuse i love u.

alright on to the main part of this contest. but frist lets get some ground rules,

1. NO dress up game entreys i want you to draw this, dont just screen shot something and put it as an entrey u are welcome to use some dress up games or icon makes as inspration but i want to see every ones lovely art work! (this is not based on how well u draw i just enjoy seeing outhers art work and styles there always so amazing)

  • can have AS MANY entrys as you want. 
3.HAVE FUN please, enjoy your self i dont want youto be missrable and only do this for the prizes.
4. if they have a color sceem please try and work around that, if ur not sure if they do or not feel free to ask, i promise u i dont bite <3 i do lick so be ware.
( i do aplogize all of these are like 4 yrs old, little to no bio so if u have question contatact me)

alright now that thats done. here are the chars you shall be RE desining

Finding hope:

we have:KiKi by Happinesswishz  kiki <3 shes kinda glam, sleezley girl with the big boobs, typea gal.
Max by Happinesswishz max, hes very girly he aslo is gay, and very out going fun, and love pink. 

Meka-chan by Happinesswishz Meka: shes a fun loveing witchdoctor, please do when u re desine her leave the hat, and the hair colors, and the hollowed out cat ears there apart of her back story. so thaxz.


Happi by Happinesswishz we have good old happi <3 she is MY FRIST oc, and she has been stuck in this patato sack for about 7 years, i honestly dont know if i can part with it, its hard QWQ

MoMo by Happinesswishz Next we have MOMO ( if any one wants to help me think of a new name that be grate) she was orignaly a close friend of mines oc, but uk what friend ships are bullsht, im thinking she a shy book loveing goth, punk girl feel free to change her up, this is allll up to u

 Heres a better picture of happi and momo if u would like onehaza by Happinesswishz  

annable by Happinesswishz annabell shes prisy tipcal rich girl.

 i wanna say thats all but if ur scrolling thew my gallerly and find one u would like to do more just as me and ill let u know : )

Well thats it! 

with all my love Happi :iconluvluvplz:


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United States
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My, names happi, x3 or dezi-lee, i prefer happi though, i LOVE to draw anime, my creatity x3 is about as good as a rocks. i some day want to becomeing a doc, or a mental doc, im a very nice and out going person, u have somethin to say x3 plz say it, :icondeathstareplz: i dont bit i promise :3
My bffls :iconlegendary444: ( a lonely person i am)
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support Happi's Smilez attck!
Thanxz :iconiloveitplz:


:bulletpink: Chibi's 25pnts

:bulletwhite: head shots 50

:bulletpink: "realistic" sholder up, 150pnts:

Line art ( not colored) 10 Points
Colored 20 points

:bulletblack: Head shot
Line art: 2 points
Colored: 4 points

:bulletred: wrist up
Line art: 5 points
Colored your line art 15 points

:bulletpurple: Full body
Line art: 50 points

Colored: 100 points

I do icon 2 ^~^ 10 points!

Examples Chibis: gosh im still bad at this title thing.. by Happinesswishz New Canvas by Happinesswishz Uiui by Happinesswishz
nananannana love by Happinesswishz
Fullbody:Moff by Happinesswishz Re draw. by Happinesswishz

Mature Content

Dddd by Happinesswishz

bust up:i never know what to do with titles... by Happinesswishz
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